Rui Zhou technology - Kraft computer cutting machine

Rui Zhou technology - Kraft computer cutting machine

Model No.︰RZCAM-1209A

Brand Name︰Rui Zhou

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Product description
The machine adopts the self-developed embedded CNC system, CPU and precision electronic components imported from the United States, and its stability and operability have reached the leading technical level both at home and abroad.
The cutting machine adopts imported linear guide rail, with imported synchronous belt drive, cutting accuracy completely reaches the zero error of return origin.
Clear double line LCD display, numerical control interface beautiful and easy to operate, easy to learn.
Standard I/O interface, HP-GL and GP-GL format, safe and stable.
The domestic cutting machine unique form cutting function.
Can connect any CAD software, widely used shoes, clothing, bags, handbags and other industries.
- cutting machine materials: red, hard plastic board, white board, fiber board, PC electronic film, wrapping paper, kraft paper, cardboard, sheepskin lamp, PVC film, electronic film, shoe etc..
• cutting machine thickness: 0.1mm ~ 2.0mm.
Speed of cutting machine: 0-120cm/s.
Tools: pens, cutting knives.
Material fixation: Viscose vacuum adsorption electrostatic


Payment Terms︰ 30% down payment, 70% shipment paid